Sword And Souls

It’s time for an all-new adventure, my warriors! Want to experience the thrilling moments via intense actions? Be quick to Play Swords and Souls Game instantly! This action strategy RPG is the latest launch from Soul Studio. What do you have to deal with in the game? Can you succeed in here and become the victor? Tap the Start button and prepare wisely for the upcoming challenge. Right now, let’s find out more about the gameplay as well as the mission.

No time for wasting! The players, once accessing the main screen, will be located in the town of Feyrith. Your first task is – creating (or customizing) a virtual character. Next, you need to help the fighter know how to express his hidden abilities and fight against the enemies. As the game takes place in a medieval fantasy world, the ultimate goal is to defeat all the rivals and be the greatest hero of all the time. However, saying is always easier than performing! The main character must go through a series of intense, violent actions to achieve the glorious victory. At this moment, keep training your hero to be a skilled warrior.

Be fully-prepared? Don’t be hesitant to land on the battle arena. Take part in each fighting match to earn money and EXP. It’s a must to collect scattered coins and souls so that players are able to unlock extraordinary abilities. With the cash that you got throughout the competition, quickly visit Shop to upgrade the weapons and the other elements of the fighter. Significantly, remember to keep an eye on his home life as well as building a new house for his family, whenever accumulating enough money. Also, the medium in Swords and Souls allows you to save all the records, so you can keep an eye on the progress.

Play Swords and Souls Game with the mouse for most interaction. Hit the keys 1-6 and Shift to avail skills, potions and spells (explained clearly in the game). So many features are waiting for your exploration, such as 5 interesting mini-games, 30 Arena levels and Survival mode, 44 hard-to-deal-with enemies and bosses, etc. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and fight your way to the top!

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